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By Chris | September 23, 2008

I’m preoccupied studying for a Macro test, but here are some interesting stories/sites I have come across recently. Provides uncensored student reviews of almost every college and university in America.  Similar to the Princeton Review, except up-to-date, uncensored, and much more interactive.  Prospective college students making a monumental decision are plagued by asymmetric information.  Current college students love talking about their schools.  Unigo fills a huge need and advertisers pay big bucks to target prospective students.  Prediction: It will be a big success.  Blog and news aggregator of interesting stories.  Someone described it as a “smart person’s Digg.”  You won’t find any top 10 lists or iPhone tutorials here.  Polymeme uses an algorithm and human editors to select noteworthy pieces from a database of about 25,000 “leading blogs”.  And yes, is one of those blogs.

A Visual Map of U.S. Ancestry.  Take a look.  It gave me a whole different perspective on the U.S. as a melting pot.

Stephen Dubner asks MBA students how the last week has altered their career plans.

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